Financing of IndiCell

Published: 2021-10-11

Vinnova invested almost SEK 40 million in the IndiCell project – Individualised pluripotent stem cell-based therapy. The project is coordinated by Lund University – Lund University Biomedical Centre and is planned to last from October 2021 to September 2026.

Aims and objectives

There are three main purposes of IndiCell:

1) Develop iPSC-based cell therapy for two model projects.

2) Create a development pipeline for iPSC-based cell therapies.

3) Become a major global player in cell therapies.

Fig.: Autologous versus Allogeneic iPSC therapy Illustration: Marie Jönsson

Expected results and impacts

Development of precision medicine with iPSC-based cell therapy for Parkinson’s disease and age-related macular degeneration. Increase the speed and number of cell therapies moving from preclinical transplantation to patients and identify innovation potential in technologies, processes, devices and knowledge. Putting Sweden on the global map for stem cell-based cell therapies. Raise awareness of stem cell-based cell therapies among the general public.

Planned approach and implementation

IndiCell will be implemented through six work packages, four of which address the entire production process from start to finish: donation of cells for reprogramming, entry into a specialised Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility for production of iPS cells and further development into therapeutic cells, sorting of cells, quality testing, exit of the cell product from the GMP facility to the hospital, and preparation for transplantation to the patient. The remaining two work packages include defining and creating innovations within IndiCell and project management and active preparation for the future as funding from Vinnova has ceased.

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