World Smart Bioprocessing Summit: 4.0 Pharma is taking place in Berlin from the 27th to 29th of September.

Published: 2023-09-27

Meet IndiCell’s representative Dr. Nils Brechmann from MAGic Bioprocessing at the conference.

At this conference technology leader gather from pharma and biotech discussing and sharing insights on case studies and interactive breakouts towards commercial progress focusing on current blockbuster pharmaceuticals, like monoclonal antibodies, and future blockbusters, like cell therapy products.

We are representing our magnetic separation technology for the isolation cells and proteins in form of a talk titled: “one-step clarification and recovery process for biological modalities based on magnetic separation”. MAGic is specifically aiming to further promote magnetic separation for large scale isolation of cells and proteins. A constant exchange with manufactures in the field helps to develop products further and anticipate further need in the field of cell therapy.

During the World Smart Bioprocessing Summit: 4.0 Pharma MAGic BioProcessing will be on site with an oral presentation about our magnetic separation technology for the isolation of cells and proteins which is titled: “One-Step Clarification and Recovery Process for Biological Modalities based on Magnetic Separation”. Our talk is scheduled for September 29th from 13:35 to 14:15 within the breakout Continuous & Integrated Processing.

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